Outsourcing of Processes and Function

Outsourcing is an innovative solution offered by LeasingTeam Group, which involves assuming responsibility for processes or functions that don’t fit into the definition of the basic operations of the organizations we support. For optimisation purposes, Go West & Co. implements indicators agreed with the client and selects the most effective tools and methods. Implementing this model for the relationship allows organizations to control costs, minimize risk and increase their competitiveness. . The sectors and fields in which Go West & Co. usually provides outsourcing services include telecommunications, banking, finance, logistics, HR, IT, industrial production, HR and payroll, marketing and promotion, sales. 

In outsourcing business processes and functions Go West & Co. relies on the considerable experience of LeasingTeam Group which gives it the opportunity to use a well-proven and successful partnership model. As a part of the service, Go West & Co. consultants analyse the business process or function to be outsourced and come up with optimal solutions tailored to the needs of the client and oriented towards client's measurable benefit.