Case Studies

Employee recruitment for the automotive industry

An employer from the automotive industry needs to temporarily increase the number of employed people due to arrival of new orders. Sadly, there are few Poles interested in the job and the recruitment process carried out by the HR Department fails to bring in a sufficient number of employees. As a result, the employer decides to recruit employees in Eastern Europe. The employer hires Go West & Co. the task of which is to find at least 30 candidates a week directly in the Ukraine. In addition, as a part of the service and under the adopted budget, Go West & Co. takes care of official permits for stay and employment for the foreigners and finds accommodation for them.

Fast recruitment
The members of Go West & Co. team, who are familiar with the job market in Eastern Europe and speak fluent Russian, Ukrainian and Polish, carry out an extensive search for candidates in the Ukraine. They use social media, personal contacts and relations with partnering recruitment agencies in the Ukraine. The team coordinates the arrivals of Ukrainian candidates, schedules medical tests and finds accommodation within the budget accepted by the client.

Result: No delays and successful fulfilment of orders by the client
With the assistance of Go West & Co. recruiters, at least 30 candidates start work at the firm every week. As a result, the client is able to increase production in times of greater demand. A high standard of employee service and assistance at every stage of the process minimise the rotation among Go West & Co. employees to the lowest value out of all recruitment agencies engaged by the client.

Urgent need for employees with fluent Russian and Ukrainian

A firm from the service sector working with natural persons, primarily tourists and university students, contacts Go West & Co. in connection with urgent need for workers. The order involves recruitment of 20 Contact Centre employees with fluent Russian and Ukrainian in two weeks. 

Recruitment among university students of Eastern European descent 
By using social media, Go West & Co. reaches Ukrainian students who live in Warsaw. Go West & Co. consultants interview the prospective candidates by phone or via Skype to verify their language skills, vocabulary and diction. 
Recruiting 20 employees in two weeks
Before the end of the second week, Go West & Co. presents the client with a list of 20 candidates. The client hires everyone included on the list provided by Go West & Co. The language skills of the candidates exceed expectations.